Express Entry profile made ineligible due to IELTS results > 2 years

My Express Entry profile is valid till Sep 22nd, 2020 but today (June 15th, 2020) I received a communication from IRCC that my profile is no longer eligible. There was a list of possible reasons mentioned for that and the only thing which applied to me was “language test results that are more than two years old”.

My IELTS results became 2 yrs old last week but I was of the understanding it should be valid only at the time of EE submission. Is that not true? Can someone please clarify?

With IELTS test centers closed for the last 3 months in the US and still no date to reopen I’m not sure how IRCC expects me to retake IELTS and keep my profile updated.

Your IELTS score needs to be valid at the time you receive the ITA. It’s not exactly clear as to where you’re in the process from your post.

But if you’ve not yet received an ITA and your IELTS score is no longer valid, then as it stands your profile is indeed inactive.

At this point, unfortunately you have no option but to wait for test centers to re-open.

Thanks for clarifying. I believe many people would have got affected in this scenario.