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What should I answer for the following questions ?

  1. Some jobs are regulated in Canada. You would need a license or certification to practice these jobs. Do you know if your primary occupation or trade is regulated?

My NOC – 2133

  1. For my current company, I worked for first 4 months as a contractor (Sept.2016-Jan 2017). But Current Employer is giving following reference letter. So, what should I mention in the application? should I mention that staffing company’s name for those 4 months of employment or just current employer?


Mr. XYZ, as a Controls engineer, has been working with ABC since September 2016, first as a Contractor and since January 17, 2017 as a regular full-time ABC employee. As a full-time employee, he is mainly responsible for electrical and control system designs for various industrial applications and develop logic using X and Y software. As a Controls Engineer, he is working 40 hours per week and currently earning around $XXX,XXX per year. Besides salary, he is also receiving other benefits such as 2 weeks of paid vacation per year, extended health plan, dental plan etc.

I’m happy to provide further information if required.

  1. Is above reference letter good for express entry ? (This is from my current employer)

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  2. The current employer is OK.
  3. I don’t think it’s good enough. The job duties and responsibilities isn’t detailed enough; applications have gotten rejected due to this. Make sure it’s bullet points, roughly matches NOC and is detailed.


Thank you @anshul.v.joshi for your response. :slight_smile:


Hello @anshul.v.joshi
How about this format for Reference letter? Is it necessary to mention salary and Benefits in letter ? Because I did not have any benefits from this company.

To whom it may concern,

I am pleased to provide this letter to certify that XXXX has been employed by Company Name from March 2010 to Sep, 2014. He had held the position of a ABC, during this period and was working minimum of 40 hours per week. In his role, his main responsibilities and duties included:

  • WWW
  • XXX
  • YYY
  • ZZZ

For further information please do not hesitate to contact me,



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