Extending PR Visa (IM-1) type.. possible?

My PR is approved and have the Visa (IM-1) stamped, but due to my H1B visa situation (extension in process, no approval or valid visa stamped to re-enter US), I’ll be unable to travel before PR Visa expiration.

Is it possible to request CIC for extending the PR Visa? I have been looking at different forums and haven’t found the answer yet.

You’ll need a really good reason for them to grant an extension. US visa in process probably won’t cut it, but it doesn’t hurt to ask CIC.
Check if AVR can work in your case. One other post on this forum had AVR-related questions.

If you come back to US within 3 days (I think it is 15 days), you can travel to Canada with i94 only (without valid stamping). Ask your lawyer about it.

I think AVR comes in play if one holds an approved H1B (i-797) but has no valid visa stamping.

@sudiptoimpmail my i-94 has expired already. I’m within 240 day rule with h1b extension in process. Not eligible for premium processing at this time

Here’s one option:
I don’t know much about the H-1B but see if it’s possible to get H-1B stamp in Canadian US embassy. I had read it’s more difficult to get the stamp in a third country (i.e. other than your home country: India).
Ask you employer that you will be traveling to get the stamp in Canada to avoid a long trip, and in case of a delay in stamping, whether working remotely from Canada is an option (e.g. if you get 221g etc). This is assuming of course that you have the I-797 in hand before PR visa expires.

However I’d recommend contact CIC to see if they can extend PR visa.

True. AVR for H1 is applicable only with a valid I-94.

Hi @cmanoj84

Did you contact CIC for extending the PR Visa ?


I did not. The information sheet that was sent with CoPR clearly states the validity of CoPR/visa cannot be extended for any reasons. So, I’m trying to see if I can travel before the expiration.

I’m not overly concerned because wife is the primary applicant. Worst case she will travel to activate PR and later sponor me. I hope things don’t go that far.