F-1 visa and second masters, planning to do soft landing and re-enter using AVR, any thoughts?

Hi all,

I am currently doing my second masters and will be working as well using Cpt before i move finally to canada. I used my OPT and i have just recently started my second masters, i am planning to fly to Toronto for soft landing and spend about two days. I am planning to re-enter the US using AVR. I have a few questions:

  1. Can anyone share their experience of obtaining a boarding pass? i’ve seen that it could be difficult sometimes

  2. When i want to re-enter into the us? if the immigration officer asks what i went to canada for? is it okay to tell them for PR landing?

  3. Does anyone have a similar experience? also, will it raise any flags that im doing second masters when planning to re-enter the US?

4 Does the immigration officer in canada ask how long one will be there for? does the answer affect anything?

Please help!