Faster work visa. Global Talent Stream


I was invited to visit MARS today to speak to the person there running the new expedited work visa program. The government of Toronto is very serious about helping local tech companies bring in high skill employees. The focus is on bringing in experienced talent who can then mentor and help the local talent and help local companies. Companies that are eligible to hire through GTS can get work visa’s in less than two weeks. However people from countries that need a visa to visit Canada (India) will still have to file for a visa at the local consultant and go though that process which could take another month.

In short I think this is a good thing overall and getting a job and coming here on a work visa is much faster than waiting for express entry. Also once you are here you can then file for express entry with the added points for your Canadian job.

I am working with Mars to compile a list of tech companies that are eligible for this program and are interested in hiring experienced foreign talent. I’ll post it on here as soon as I get it done.

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