Financial Question

I have a CRS score of 475. I am trying to move to Canada as soon as possible. Which means I will start to submitting the documents for PR starting Sep.

I started saving from last month. I am expecting to get my ITA by this month, and by Sep I will have 6 months average balance of 7000$ USD and current balance of 13000$ USD before application submission.

Please help me with below questions.

  1. Is the average balance of 7000$ USD considered too low for an single? How much is considered as safe figure?
  2. Is the difference between the average balance and current balance have any negative effect on my application?
  3. Would attaching past 6 months paystubs help in anyway to show that it was saved not borrowed??


Should not be a problem as long as you have sufficient funds at the time of submission. I don’t think it will be a problem. You really don’t have a choice but to submit what you have, including the 6 months statement. Don’t mention the average balance, just write what you have in a summary letter with the funds in CAD. Also you have to maintain the balance even during landing.

@avj Can you tell me what is the safe avg balance to show ?

Anything above the minimum required .

In the Canada site its mentioned that the avg balance has to be shown so worried about it. @avj

Their webpage also says:

You will need to show proof that you have enough money when you apply to immigrate

which you have so that’s good. But there’s no way anyone on this forum can tell you if the average balance over 6 months would be enough since every application is judged by a different officer; in general CIC tends to be lenient as sometimes they ignore these things, but noone can predict if they would raise objection over the average balance or not, esp. when current balance is over the minimum. I would go ahead and apply with what you have when you get near the 60-day mark. In the best case they will approve it, in the worst case they will ask you to apply again. With 475 that shouldn’t be a problem, you will get a new ITA.


Thats inspiring. Thanks a lot. :slight_smile:

I should add: the average balance is more to see if you had a huge jump, e.g. you borrowed large amount of money from someone which is not allowed.