Flying back to the US with a h1b after first landing

Hi, I received my COPR in March '20 and it expires in Dec '20.
Is Flying back to the US with a h1b after first landing a risk at this time of the year with COVID problems ?
I hear a lot of road border crossings but not air travels like in my case. Although it’s obvious if i have a valid stamping with documents, I should be fine. Border crossing is always a high risk unless we’ve heard real stories of how US customs are operating currently at Canadian borders.

Please share your thoughts.
Much appreciated !

I traveled out of YYZ last month to US on H1B without any issues and any questions. Good luck!

I did my soft landing in July 2020. Traveled by Road, absolutely no issues crossing the borders both ways. I did read on the cic website that they stopped soft landing temporarily as they are looking for folks to come and settle in canada permanently. This was updated on 8/18 on the website, I may be wrong here but worth checking.

Thanks Alan! that’s helpful…

Thanks Argup ! that’s helpful.
Yea i feel the same way about soft landings at this time. At some point during the round trip an officer could stop me. Need to think about it.