Foreign work experience

Hello, @avj
Hi have some questions
I started working as an assistant professor in college in India on contractual basis, while working, i was also studying full time bachelors of education

So i got 4 letters for each semester contract stating that mandeep has working as an assistant professor from … to … and it was Adhoc basis , i think the duration of each semester contract is 7 months approximately.
When i created my express entry profile, i only added my Canadian work experience as i am not claiming points for indian work experience
And i got ITA based on FSW and CEC in express entry.

  1. So my indian work experience based on contract will go in personal history , right
  2. do i need to mention in LOE that about indian work experience? And any supporting documents
  3. one more thing, in my college semester was getting fixed salary based on contract rather than number of hours worked?
  4. how do i know my Indian job number of hours?
  5. is it possible to put full time study with adhoc basis job on the side was well?
    Please help