Full-time job with part-time (distance learning) masters in India


I am in the process of creating my Express Entry profile. I am a little confused about the information I should provide regarding my education and work experience. Here’s my situation.

Work Experience:

  • Full-time job in USA (Jan 2009 - Till date) with employer X.

  • Full-time job in India (Oct 2006 - Jan 2009) with employer X.

  • Full-time job in India (Apr 2005 - Oct 2006) with employer Y.

  • Full-time job in India (Jun 2003 - Apr 2005) with employer Z.


  • Part-time Master’s degree (Jun 2004 - Jun 2008) -> ECA equivalency Canadian Masters

  • Full-time Bachelors degree (May 1999 - Apr 2002) -> ECA equivalency Canadian Bachelors 4 years

  • Part time Diploma in Software technologies ( Dec 2000 - Dec 2002) - Not assessed


  1. How much experience should I declare in the EE profile? I was thinking of adding only my current job (Jan 2009 to date = 9 years and 8 months) as that will be enough to get me the maximum points for experience. Also, it will be easy for me to gather the documentation to support this work experience.

  2. Is there any reason why I should add my previous employment episodes in the EE profile and not just in the personal history if and when I get the ITA? Will that amount to misrepresentation of facts?

  3. For the education history, I am only adding #1 (Masters) and #2 (Bachelors) since #3 (Diploma) was not assessed. Can #3 go in the personal history?

  4. Since I did my Masters part-time along with my job, will that have any negative impact on the score? Or is the ECA assessment good enough to get my points for Masters?

  5. I am not claiming any points for my spouse’s work experience. Is there any need to declare that in EE or can that go straight in to the personal history?

Appreciate any help on these questions.



Just the current job experience should be enough.

It will not be a misrepresentation if you don’t mention the other job experience in the EE profile. Just mention it in the personal history section later. If you readily have experience letters for any of those jobs, it wouldn’t hurt to mention it but again, it’s not necessary to add the other experience if you are not claiming any points for it.

Yes, add the diploma in the personal history.

If the ECA states that it is equivalent to a Canadian Masters degree then it should not have any adverse impact on your score.

It can go in personal history.

Thank you for answering my questions.

Personal history says information for last 10 years… so why would he need to add diploma there which was done 16-18 years old…
and similarly for all other information for which no points are being used and also dates before last 10 years… i

i would say information for last 10-12 years is still fine but all other older info can be skipped if one decides not to enter as its too much of information when expected is only last 10 years

correct or not?

Well I preferred adding my education and experience which was older than 10 years as well, although it is optional.

You mean in the personal history not the EE profile, correct?

Yes, in the personal history.