General sponsor question

Question based on a hypothetical scenario.
I am on H1-B and my wife on H4-EAD here in US, my wife has given IELTS exam and got a very good score.
She is planning to apply for PR through express entry and intention to move to Canada, we will list myself and our kid as dependent but with no intention to move to Canada.
After getting PR she will move to Canada and stay there for couple of years and we will continue to stay here is US, if required will she able to sponsor our PR in future?

We are trying to evalute if its better to move as a family or only 1 of us can move and sponsor the other later in future?




  1. If your wife is processing the PR, why don’t you all do it in one go. It takes the same effort with slight additional documents for you. That way you get everything done in one shot. She can still be the only one who moves and stays in Canada while you can do your landing at a later time if needed.

  2. She should be able to sponsor you at a later time as well. It shouldn’t be an issue.

I would recommend no. 1 which is get everything processed now in one go, rather than now and then again 2 years later. You will have to submit additional documents at a later point of time which you can spend time on now.

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Thanks for the quick reply, but for point 1 I should be taking IELTS test now and dates are not available for next 2 months. Can we submit the application without IELTS?

No, IELTS is a requirement. You cannot complete your EE profile without that (or you may be able to create one but it might say you are ineligible straightaway).

From your initial post, It looks like your wife has already completed IELTS exam, if she is primary applicant then you can go ahead create EE profile(if eligible) and add you as dependent. You can add your IELTS score later.

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thanks all for your reply!!