Getting more points than I deserve. What do I do?

I created an express entry profile and submitted it but it’s counting my work experience as 3 years when it’s not that much and giving me a high CRS score.

The work history section only allows entry of Month/Year for start and end of each job and one of my Jobs was from Jan 15th to May 15th. It’s four months but EE is calculating it as 5. Same situation for another job that was From Sept 15 to Dec 15.

Both cases I get an extra month. Those two months are putting me at 3 years experience rather than 2. Giving me a score of 481 (which looks like I’ll get an ITA)

I don’t know how to fix this issue. Should I withdraw my profile?

Yikes, this is an interesting situation. You shouldn’t be faulted for the design of the form. I think you should go ahead as is, and explain later should there be an issue. What would your score be if your experience was 2 years?