Good Suburbs around Vancouver to buy a House

Hello All,

We are planning to move to Vancouver sometime next year (Covid permitting!). We plan on renting for a while to build credit and then buy a home. I keep on reading about the super expensive real estate in and around Vancouver BC.Currently I am doing research on different suburbs around Vancouver.I have the following questions;

1) Ideally we would like to buy a townhouse or single family home with a small yard in a good school district ( we have a preschooler). What is the avg price (CAD) of such houses in suburbs around Vancouver?

2) How competitive is the real estate market? Usually how is the bidding process?

3) Are houses easily available for a family of 3? When I try to find on Zillow, I can find either really huge houses ( 5 or 6 beds) or apartments ( 1 or 2 beds).

4) Do you guys have any other advice? Should I be researching something else before beginning the process of home buying?