Goods to follow list query

Hello All,

We did our soft landing last year and at that time didn’t had GTF list and explained the officer that since we’re not moving permanently, we will get it when we decide to move. So the question is, can we create GTF list and get it certified at the border? We will be moving the goods via Upack. We’re planning on driving our car and getting it imported as well. Would appreciate if someone can throw in some insights.


I am in a similar situation. From what I read, you can submit a GTF list once you make the next move

Thanks. That’s what I read too. Was hoping to see if someone can confirm.

Just an update - I was able to get the GTF list signed. The officer simply asked why I didn’t get it signed when I first landed, which I was able to explain.


Thanks for the update!Good to know that you didn’t face any issues

i am planning to use the services of UPack to move. Since there is a mandatory 14 day quarantine period, can the custom clearance and the final delivery process be done after the quarantine period. would the customs be ok if i just leave the upack relocube at their place and clear/collect it only after the 14 day quarantine period

They’re providing free 15 day storage once the shipment arrives in Canada due to quarantine restrictions. Also, another good thing these days is that they don’t ask you to visit customs and upack takes care of getting your shipment released. I was told customs will only call if needed.


Hello jayhop,
Thanks for the helpful updates!Were you able to update the GTF list with your car details during final landing? Would you be able to explain the process/questions asked at customs slightly?
Appreciate the response!


Hello all ,
I moved to Toronto from Dallas in 2019 , during my landing I got GTF list stamped. Later I got a job in Montreal ,and have been working there for over a year. Now my husband is moving with our stuff from Dallas to Montreal.
Do we need to amend the GTF list or the same stamped forms will work. We are moving stuff with Upack.
Any insights will be appreciated.

Tagging @avj for experienced insight
Thank you !

Did your stamped GTF list same items that your husband is bringing? If you landed as a couple there will only be one GTF list for both.

Note the GTF list and items you are actually bribing should roughly match, small discrepancies will likely be ignored, large discrepancies may not. In my case they did not check anything since my GTF got processed at a separate location (Pearson) than where my UPack container was located (Brampton) so it’s very likely it won’t be checked. Although I don’t know if things have changed.

We had custom clearance in Montreal last month. You don’t need to amend GTF list from 2019. There is a high chance that nobody will cross verify your stuff, but keep it as consistent as possible.

Thank you !