Got an offer in Canada from US - ask me anything

Missed the time when the CRS score cutoff was ~ 455 ish so had to get an offer without PR in order to move to Canada and get PR :slight_smile: . On H1b with priority date early 2017 - The following things really helped:

  1. Indeed Canada is really helpful - apply for jobs irrespective of location, currently, they will do an online interviews. This really helps in preparing for interviews. My strategy was to apply for smaller firms first and gain a interview experience and then apply for the ones which you like. For some reasons, LinkedIn was not that useful in Canada but this is just my experience.

  2. Leetcode: a decent number of LC problems should really helpful if you are aiming for tech positions.

  3. Since we are remote - this is a perfect time for preparing, applying and doing interviews.

  4. Took 4-6 months in total to land an offer.

  5. Polish your resume - my earlier version of the resume didn’t have many hits but once I updated - I was started getting the calls.

Thank You!


Congrats on the job offer :clap:. Wish you the best with the move to :canada:.

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Congratulations on the offer. You mention that LinkedIn didn’t really help much, can you share how did you go about it then? Any other online job portal or referrals?

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Congrats @swamiom!

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Indeed! The response rate on Indeed jobs was better than the response rate at LinkedIn. Even Microsoft advertise their jobs on Indeed in spite of LinkedIn being its child company :slight_smile: No doubt, LinkedIn is far much better here in the United States.