Got ITA, lost passport

Guys, I need help!
I received my ITA last to last week. The only thing remaining was getting medicals done. However, I lost my passport. Not sure what my options are?

Naturally, I am applying for new passport. Assuming I receive my new passport in about a month.

  1. Will I be able to appear for my medicals without my passport?
  2. Can I submit my post-ITA paperwork as is (with old passport details) and update the new passport details once its here?
  3. Or wait until my new passport is here - redo IPCC, go for medicals and then submit all paperwork?

Side Q:
4. My EE profile consists of me and my spouse. I am the primary applicant of our EE profile but in our financial support docs - my spouse is the primary account holder and I am secondary. Is that going to be a problem?

Thanks peeps.

  1. as far as i know, passport is a must. but still explain your situation to the medicals dept and check if they would allow you.
  2. this depends on what the medicals dept says. if they allow you, finish off and submit the appln with old passport and later u can notify CIC with ur new passport details. if not, you can apply for tatkal passport (if u r in india, u will get it in a day), get your medicals done, redo IPCC and then submit the application.
  3. irrespective of whether they allow u or not, i wud suggest to get ur new passport asap, and submit the appln with its details. this will only save ur appln processing time.
  4. in my appln, i am the primary and my husband is secondary. but i have nothing absolutely on my name, so we are showing my husband’s pf for proof of funds and also a joint account with some minimal money… i hope this answers ur query.

Thanks @canadadreams.

#1. I checked with the physician’s office and they indicated that they will accept copy of passport.
#4. That helps, thanks much.
#2 and #3 is where I am kinda iffy - its kinda dependent on how the medicals go.

Yes, I have initiated the new passport request in tatkal.

When you say ‘notify CIC later’ - do you know if its as simple as updating my application with justification or is it a major detour from the original application/loads of paperwork?

Physician in Atlanta accepted my USA driver’s licence as my Passport was with Indian consulate for PCC.

Once you submit the application, the acknowledgement you receive has a link for case specific enquiry form which is used to notify IRCC of any specific change in your situation. But not sure how does that form process goes. Probably someone who used that before can throw some light on it…

Any advise/recommendation on how to proceed when there are significant changes to the profile? - such as new passport number, Medicals with new passport number.

Also, how do I explain that most of my documentation (such as IELTS report) reference old passport number and some of my documentation reference new passport number?

First part I can’t tell u as I did not get any such necessity… But for the second part, u can give a letter of explanation stating all the details clearly, finally duly signed by u

Thanks again @canadadreams