Got PR but won't be able to land before expiry date on PR visa

I got my PR but for a variety of reasons, I won’t be able to land before the expiry date on the PR stamp. Just wondering what my options are here. I’m not sure how to proceed. I’m in the US if that helps

  • Should I return the PR and reapply for EE again?
  • Can I ask for more time to land?

Hi Prabhakar,

  1. I am expecting my approval may be in Jan 2019. Does that mean, I have only 6 months left from that date? or After i send passports and get the PR visa stamped, my expiry date on it would count 6 months?

  2. Just wondering, What should I do if I cant travel when my US visa goes into pending status in the event of amendment or extension? Can i ask for more time?

  3. Also, Can I land in Canada first as a Primary applicant and bring my wife later ?

Kindly advise…

Very sorry Venkata… I can’t give you an accurate answer as I am inexperienced. But ya I at least understood your situation. The only solution I can think of right now is explaining your situation to CIC and request them to extend the deadline. But ya one thing I know for sure is that you have to enter Canada with all the members included in your application.

I would request others also to pitch in please…

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Can u give us ur timelines from AOR till PPR…

Hi ,

Thanks for responding quickly and giving your thoughts.


Got my AOR on Aug 09, 2018
Medicals passed on Aug 30, 2018
Ever since no updates!
Hoping by end of December - 6-month mark, I would get the approval email.

Can i request for extension of submitting my passport ? would that help in delaying my travel for landing ?

I think u can try for an extension but I have no idea about the landing time extension…

My COPR is Expired. DO you know any options for me to enter Canada now ?