Got Your ITA - A list of documents that you will now have to submit


Guys… small but important question to avoid any wrong info…

In USA we moved from one city to another and to other…

so if for example we lived as from

01-APR-2013 to 31-Dec-2016 CITY1 home address
08-Jan-2016 to 12-Nov-2016 CITY2 home address
25-Nov-2016 till date… CITY3 home address

so if you notice after 31-Dec we stayed in hotel till 8-jan
and similarly hotel from 12-Nov to 25-Nov…

so if you had same story or if you know then should we add hotel address for those days (does not make sense to me)…
if not then should we change the dates like this.
01-APR-2013 to 31-Dec-2016 CITY1 home address
01-Jan-2016 to 12-Nov-2016 CITY2 home address
13-Nov-2016 till date… CITY3 home address

asking this because address history asks for the full dates rathen than only month.


You can add either the hotel address if you remember that, with correct dates or extend the previous address’s dates till you moved into new place it should be OK. I added dates accordingly to the best of my knowledge because I did not have old lease documents.


Regarding “Proof of Education”, do they accept the WES ECA (hard copies) or we need to send attested copy of the relevant marksheets?


You can upload the WES soft copies when submitting your ITA documents.


Guys… Two questions:

After we fill all information in all pages, it shows completed green tick…

So now if I goto continue button it shows me page to upload all documents…

Now will it show all information again before i submit to verify everything at one place??

or i have to goto each page and section to verify everything one by one before i submit the application finally?


It does not show a summary of all the information. If you want to go over the forms you filled, you will have to go through each section one by one.


Is it enough to upload a scan of only the most recent/active passport, assuming prior ones have expired?


Hi. Is there anyone here who received an ITA in February this year and has submitted all documents and is awaiting a response from CIC about their application?


If it’s been 6 months you should contact them using a web form (case specific enquiry).


Thanks Anshul! I did contact them as it has been more than four months now for me, but they haven’t replied back yet. Does anyone know what phone number CIC can be contacted at from US? And in such a case, would it be easier to apply for a visitor visa while I wait for my PR to be processed?


Hello All,

I have the following Question:

This question is with regards to personal History Section:

Masters- I studied in university A for 1 Semester and University B for the rest of the course - University B’s Transcript has all the information from University A but its not listed in WES ECA - When I spoke to WES they asked me to remove it but when I fill the details in permanent residency should i mention about the first university will it create a conflict?

Thank you


Yes you should be honest in personal history section, since it should be continuous and you don’t wanna lie. I haven’t come across any case where they asked for proof of any particular time period in the personal history section.



I will be filing my Express Entry Profile in late August with a CRS of 453. In the meantime, I intend to start with my paper work in order to submit it before the 60 days timeline.

Below are 2 of the documents which are I already have -

  1. IELTS scorecard
  2. ECA evaluation

Shall I get my documents related to Finance, Work Employment, Police Verification and Medical already prepared even before getting the ITA or they should only be done after getting my ITA

I understand the 1 year validity behind the Medical Examination.



I would say get police verification and employment letters done sooner rather than later. Everything else is sort of in your control.


I have a quick question - I have just moved house last week. I have received ITA last month. Do I just add my new address in the “Contact Details, personal history” and other places it requires my address since I didnt still submit the Application or is there anything else that I need to do.

Thank you


Yes, just put in the new address wherever you need to provide your address before submitting the application. Once you submit it, if any address changes need to be made, you’ll need to raise a request using their webform.


I am in the process of completing my profile / application post ITA . As i undestand,once i complete all the sections it will generate a checklist of documents to be uploaded based on my entires.
The question i have is once the list is generated , would it possible to make any changes to my ITA application. Say for example can i edit my spouses work history after the checlist is generated in case i don’t havea letter for her experience for a particular employer.


I think you can, although I don’t remember. Someone else who’s done it recently can tell you. There should be a “Back to Application” or “View application” or something like that. In short, if you haven’t counted spouse’s said work experience to get the points, you don’t need to add it in “work experience” section. You can add it in “personal history” section and not have to upload anything for that.


Thanks.Our CRS score has no points related to spouse work.


My wife is main applicant and i have debt in my name as housing loan and personal loan. We we balance of Rs. 10 lakh in our saving account in joint capacity. Is there necessary to show all the debt which are at my name ?
Or only saving account details is enough.