Help me understand. What documents and process I need to get done before and after invitation

I am a little confused about the steps and documents required and request for a few clarification.

Before I get selected in the draw, and I am just submitting my profile, the website says documents for your profile:
ECA report
Written job offer.

And then it says, if we invite, you need copies of documents including:

Police certificate
Medical exams
Proof of funds

  1. My first question is: Do I only need to care about IELTS and ECA process for applying? Or
    Do I need to get all documents and processes specified including the last three done before applying/creating profile?

I see the words โ€œIf you are invited to applyโ€ everywhere.

  1. When to submit job experience letter ? After invite or before ?

  2. Suppose my company decides to allow me to work remotely, and I decide to use a third party HR company in Canada for payroll, how can I submit this as job offer if this will only happen if I get an invitation to apply ?

Hi @sp2410,

If you are new to the forum,
Are you new to this forum? READ ME FIRST! ๐Ÿ™‚ is the best place to start with.

Below is the list for before and after Invitation to Apply,

Before ITA :

  1. IELTS Report
  2. Get ECA done for your highest degree
  3. Create EE Profile and Submit Application
  4. Wait for ITA (You get Invitation to Apply if your score is higher than the cut off)

After you get ITA

  1. Police certificate
  2. Medical exams
  3. Proof of funds
  4. Experience/Reference Letters
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As someone else suggested, please go through the โ€œare you new to this forum?โ€ thread that should answer most of your questions.

In simple words:
EE profile submission: cannot do without IELTS score and ECA for highest degree (only). You can do ECA for previous degrees if you wish but not necessary.
This step is only to officially calculate your CRS score; if above threshold you will get ITA.

Post-ITA: Need to submit proof for everything you claimed in the EE step, plus additional documents.

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Hi @ChinC I did BCA as graduation and then M.Sc for post graduation. Do I need to get ECA done for both of my degree or just the highest degree ( M.Sc ) ?

Thank you,

hi @balbir97
As per my knowledge, you will need ECA ONLY for M.Sc