Help with PR document checklist question


My husband is a Canadian citizen, living in the US for the last 13 years as an American PR. I am an American citizen. We are planning on moving to BC and are currently filling out all the forms, etc. for him to sponsor me to move back to BC with him. The document checklist has a section where the sponsor must “provide proof that you will live in Canada with your spouse.”
I have scoured the internet trying to figure out how in the world we provide proof of this…
Can someone please help?

Thank you!

Why didn’t he receive American citizenship if he has been American PR from last 13 years?
I thought only 3 or 4 years were needed to live in US after getting American PR (greencard)

Proof can be perhaps notarized letter by your spouse, that you will live with him and he will sponsor all your expenses… Usually I heard some people give similar letter when somebody sponsor’s somebody for something… Others can comment too and lets see suggestions from other comments…

…because he doesn’t want to be an American citizen…


Both US and Canada allow dual citizenships.

But I understand why he does not want to be American citizen :slight_smile:

One thing could be Canadian feeling is better than American and second thing could be American citizen need to file taxes every year even if not in America.

Something evidencing where you will live will be helpful. IE: A lease with both your names on it, or a title to a residential property, or a utilities bill (Put your name on the electricity bill), or some sort of evidence of employment or potential employment in Canada, or an affidavit written by a third party (Husband’s sibling) attesting to your plans to take up residence. The immigration people don’t necessarily have a firm set of requirements they just want to see how you react to the question. Our government has exasperation bureaucratic regulations … imagine that.