How long did it take you to receive PP + COPR once it was mailed in Canada?

I was wondering if anyone else ran in to this issue of the return envelope (containing Passport + COPR document) getting stuck in the Customs facility of USPS. Customs document was filled in as Document of 0.01 CAD value, as per instructions from CPC-CTD.

Mine has been stuck for over a week and there has been no update on the USPS tracking site & their customer service is clueless on how long it will take or how to speed up .

How long did it take you to receive the package once it was mailed in Canada ?

This is the first time I have come across the customs issue during PPR.
If it’s customs facility it could be CBP or CBSA. If you know what facility it’s stuck in, and whether it’s the US or Canada customs that are giving you the issue, I would call their customer service number (CBP or CBSA) and tell them the importance of this package. If that does not yield anything I would contact CIC through webform informing them about this development (attach any proof if possible), just so that they have a record of this.

Usually it takes about 2 weeks after you mail the passport, to get everything back. Maybe it’s just that the status is stuck, and the actual package is on the way? Clerical error etc?

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Also, USPS should have given you a tracking label, and a customs label (they call it commercial invoice or something like that) that you need to clear customs. Did they give you that and was it attached to the return envelope?
Regarding the valuation of the document, I usually write 0 if it’s a document, but I don’t know enough about that to say whether the 0.01 CAD was actually the issue.

@vik,, @mrandmrs ?

You could also try to go the local USPS office and try to talk to the manager. They should be able to extract a report which lists detailed status and reasons of hold.
Hope it helps, and good luck.

Hello there,
We had a issue similar to this when our return envelope was stuck at the customs. But it was for 3 days. However they called to confirm the $amount post which they cleared the envelope.
While sending the envelope we had originally increased the $ amount so they had to call to confirm the amount.

I will try to find the number we received the call from if that would help! I am sure it will be cleared. Its just that one perfect customer care representative who answers your call!!


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No idea since our CoPR was processed in India via VFS.

Thanks everyone for your inputs.

I had opened a case with USPS online and coincidentally the package moved to the next facility which is an International distribution center.
I sincerely regret having had to use USPS for a time sensitive and important document . I would have paid more and gotten UPS/Fedex, but all I can do now is wait for them to deliver it .

Ours was a week. July 3rd it was sent out and 10th it came back

Hi Guys,

Just looking for some clarification.

I got my PPR on the 3rd of October and sent my passport from US to Ottawa on the 5th and it was delivered on the 7th.

The address on my PPR email was 365 Laurier ave West, however, the passport was delivered to 2303 STEVENAGE OTTAWA, ON K1A1L1, even though I had put in the Laurier address for Fedex.

Has anyone have that happen to them?

Also, I called the agent this past Tuesday and he told me that he does not see the passport update yet but also told me that this was completely normal and to wait for a week more.

Just checking if anyone else has had similar experiences or not.

Thank you.