How long does it take from landing to receiving PR card?

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I’ve landed in Toronto on 9/28 but am still waiting for my PR card… I’m worried it’s been lost but I can’t find any tracking info on CIC website. I tried to enter my case number and etc. on CIC website but it says results not found… Has anyone encountered a similar issue? How long did it take you to receive your PR card?

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From what I have read, it takes about 3 months to receive the PR card from the landing date.

Thank you for your reply! It says 47 days on CIC website but it’s been 50 days for me and yet I haven’t receive mine. It’s relieving to know that 3 months is the average time.

How many days did it actually take for you to receive your PR. Current timeline is just 20 days.

How many days did it actually take for you to receive your PR. Current timeline is just 13 days.

Hey guys could someone confirm on how long is it taking these days to get PR card?

Took 15 days after landing, for the PR card application to be approved in our case.

Glad that it worked out for you but sounds too good to be true.

Did you have the PR card in your hand after 15 days?


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I received my PR card today June 21. I landed on June 8. I got the notification on June 19 that my card has been mailed. Their processing time seems to be accurate for new PR cards. They keep updating on weekly basis.

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The PR card receiving timeline has definitely become shorter this year. We landed on Aug 7 and got an update that our PR cards were mailed out on Aug 16. So the processing was completed in less than 10 days.

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We landed on July 30th and received our PR cards in around 2 weeks. The timeline has definitely become shorter now.

Hi … how did you get a notification for PR card being mailed?

You can add your PR card application number to your existing CIC profile. There you can check the status of your PR card.

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Hi Guys,

I am in a small dilemma and would appreciate some advice.

This May, I had completed my landing at Peace Bridge. The immigration officer did not start my PR card process at that time as it wasn’t my permanent move.

Officer asked me to complete the Address Notification - Permanent Resident Card application to get my PR card process started only once I make a final move to Canada.

I am aware of cases where people have got there PR cards process started on Soft Landing.

Any advice on can and how should I apply for my PR card before moving permanently to CA ?



Hi @aditya_bisht, it would be a good idea to apply for the PR card before moving but it isn’t mandatory. As for the “Address Notification - Permanent Resident Card” application, I don’t have much idea on how to go about it. You might want to check in the soft landing thread on how others who have been in a similar situation have gone about it.

Call CIC and they can get it sorted for you. You will need a mailing address in Canada.

Hi. Where can I find my PR card application number?

You can add the PR card application to your account using the UCI number and/or Application number that is on your CoPR.

Great. Got it. Linked it as well. Thanks.