How long does it take to get the ITA after submitting our profile?

If our score is above the cut off score of a draw, how likely is it that we get our ITA in that particular draw?
What is the min and max waiting time to get an ITA if the score is around 450 ?

If your profile is submitted and is in the pool when the draw happens and your score is above cutoff you get the ITA usually within 24 hours, as simple as that. For cutoff scores check

The express entry draws usually happen every 2 weeks. The last draw was on May 23 so if you apply now, you might be able to get an ITA in the tentative June 6 draw. Since the last few cutoffs have been hovering in the 440s, you might be able to get through. Once the draw is complete, usually the ITA message is sent out to people within 24 hours.