How much data to fill in the Express Entry Profile

In the express entry profile creation, we can enter multiple rows for work experience. Since the score is maxed out at 3 years, does it make sense to just fill my last job experience which is around 5 years?

Firstly sorry for the delayed, reply someone I did not get a notification for this question. This might have to do with the topic tags. FYI please select the correct topic when posting.

The score is maxed out at 5 not 3 years. You can get significantly more points for 5+ years of experience.

Thanks for the reply. I have completed my profile and submitted it. My overall score is 448

Congrats thats great. It’s a pretty high number I would say you a good chance.

Hi @soundar ,

Congrats on a good score. Can you please provide the break-down of the scores for each critera/paeters for your profile?
Also when did you take your IELTS? any pointers pls.