I am ineligible for express entry. Why? can some one help?

Age: 26
Education: Bachelors in India, Masters in the USA and have 3.5 years experience.
IELTS: Listening:7, Reading: 7, Writing: 6 and Speaking:7.5
ECA is done
Funds: 17000 CAD
I don’t know why I am ineligible. Even I have received the reference code that says I’m eligible. However after submitting all the information, i received an email that I am not eligible

Can someone help? I’d appreciate your help in this matter

What was your CRS score? Also your IELTS score should have been atleast 8 in listening and 7 in the rest. You have less in writing.

I have got 394 points. If I get 8 in L and rest of them 7, I will get 469 points.

But what I want to know is why I’m not eligible. Since eligibility is different from getting 8,7,7,7 for ITA

Thats also true. I have no idea howcome you are not eligible. Lets see what others have to say.

You probably selected “No” for ECA.

I have submitted ECA number and selected Yes to it. I have no idea what is happening

Right now we’re all just guessing here as we don’t know what you added in the profile. The 6 in writing may be the issue. Probably try to create a new one and try again.

you can check cut offs for previous rounds of invitation here:


looking at previous few round. it seems like cut off points ranges from 450-440. and you said yours are 394 points.


I tried CRS tool with various IELTS scores to check my points earlier and 6 in any module reduces points drastically .

I would suggest you to retake IELTS. There is no point wondering why you are not eligible simply because with a score of 394 even if you were eligible you wouldnt have got ITA based on current trends in cut offs.

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Probably ur job is not mapped to a proper NOC in their list… Just a guess…