I maxed the IELTS my experience and recommendations


You can try the above link for reading practice.


How was your exam?


I screwed up my listening test, section 3, hard to keep that concentration. So 5-6 answers are guesses. Reading was good as well as writing. Had my speaking test on 4 dec which was also went pretty fine. But due to listening I might give my IELTS again :frowning:


Good luck for the next time, I’m losing my interest too :disappointed_relieved:


u gave ur IELTS ???


Nope, I have my test on 15th December. worried about writing task


@Mahesh ,how was it ?

I got band 8.
L-8,R-9,W-7,S-8. Writing went bad.


Woww that’s a fantastic score


thanks @canadadreams :slight_smile:, but I am still far behind the magic crs score, so will apply for a PNP and try to get a job offer.


Cool, that’s a nice score. I did really bad. Listing and reading are worst. If I get the score what you got, then my CRS score would be 470 dude. I’m thinking to write again, I will re-book the test again. Anyways good luck. Keep posted :smile:


Hi all,

I might have to give IELTS again. Has anyone here given the exam at Auburn University at Montgomery, AL? They seem to have some availability in Jan/Feb and I would have to fly down from Boston. Any idea if they have the speaking exam the same day?
Also, I have not yet received my IELTS score from ELC Boston. They said I will be able to see it online on Dec 28 (today)- I have been checking all day but its still not up. The ELC administrators are out of office and are not responsive. Is this delay common?



Hi Mahesh,

I gave my IELTS on 15 Dec too at Boston. Have you received your scores? I have not yet, its been more than 24 hours since the date I was told I’d receive my scores online. Not sure if such delays are common during the winter break.


I’m guessing the delay in your case is directly related to this being the holiday season. I wouldn’t worry until the New Year’s. Agonizing, I can imagine, but not much in your hands. Good luck!


Not sure about Boston, but my personal experience has been that these tests are managed unprofessionally by a team of people dedicated at every center.

Me and my family/friends have given these tests at San Antonio IELTS center and apart from these regular delays in uploading results online, I have faced issues in :

  • Delays in getting acknowledgement of fees submission or test date confirmation after registering.
  • No response over phone of emails for 4+ days even though these numbers have been shared over the official email for communication.
  • Asking everyone to attend the speaking tests 1 day in advance of R/L/W to manage crowds, and if someone is not available on Friday, then threatening them that their registrations will be cancelled and they need to register for next available date (which is normally 1-2 months later).

No doubt the tests are handled by British Council very professionally, but the individual center heads are very arrogant.


Thanks @siddEE and @usa2can
If there’s anyone here who’s taken the exam at AU Montgomery, Alabama- please let me know about the speaking exam!