IELTS Preparation


It all depends on test center. In my case in SF, Speaking happened on the same day after listening, reading and writing. They emailed about it a week in advance.


Location? Generally the speaking test will be on the same day (after L,R,W) , If there is any change you will be notified.


My test location in pune,India.


Okay, So please check you email there they will mention about the speaking date and time as well.


I got the email. ielts on 1dec and speaking on 4 dec.

Any good tips for writing. I am finding it hard on elaborating the points.
My essay is short of the 250 word mark


Firstly u should spend 5 mins planning on your points and this is a must, or else u will get diverted in the middle and end up writing something else finally.

U will need minimum 4 paragraphs (first and last will be introduction and conclusion respectively and the middle 2 should be ‘for’ and ‘against’ each wrt the topic or whichever order u r comfortable).

In the introduction u should just paraphrase the question and give your perspective.

The middle 2 should be the subject paragraphs and just take 2 or 3 aspects of the subject in question and elaborate. Each paragraph can have 5 or 6 points (topic sentence, support/explain, example, alternative, solution, result). Once u write the advantages in the second, automatically u will be able to write their respective disadvantages in the third.

If possible and if time permits, try to explain a real time example or create one. No one will check it’s validity. U can even fake it and probably here u can get more words. But be careful with ur time management.

Finally the conclusion… Make it a single sentence or two based on ur paragraphs.

Try to finish off the writing at least 5 mins before so that u will have time for recheck and corrections. Also make sure that all ur paragraphs and statements are aligned logically.


@canadadreams , thank you so much for the answer. I guess giving a situation related to the point will help me in elaborating more on the topic.