IMM 5669 FORM Question

Hello there,

I submitted my Permanent Residence Application through Express Entry last month. About 38 days ago. Today we got an update:

  1. It said that we passed the medical
  2. We need to submit biometrics
  3. We need to submit form IMM 5669

We completed the form and send it, althogh it contains all the information we sent before. We were quite surprised that we needed this document. Is this standard procedure? And is it a good or bad sign, considering it has not been 40 days since we applied?


I did not get any such request when I applied in middle of 2017.

Actually Indian nationals dont need biometrics. For the other form no idea.

How do you know that the OP is Indian?

I dont… thats why I meant to say that as an Indian we dont need it. So thats why no idea about Biometric.

I am not Indian. What worries me is the fact that there are some discrepancies between my express entry application and my permanent residency application after receiving ITA. I was unsure of some dates at first and then changed them upon finding out.

What kind of discrepancies?

The work history. For my express entry I put dates that are different from the real ones. I then changed them and provided proof on my permantent residency application.