Immigration for parents

Hi All,

I am pretty new to this forum and looking for my options to immigrate to Canada.

Please share your views. Any pointers will be highly appreciated.
I am in US with my husband and kids. We are trying to decide if we should start the process or not as our primary goal is to get my in laws with us to live.

So can someone please guide us what could be the possible way to do so.

  1. How can we apply PR for my in laws also and when.
  2. What are the conditions to satisfy to apply for their PR
  3. How can we get the Medicare facilities for them.
  4. Can we take them on Super visa immediately as soon as we move in.
  5. If I am primary applicant for our PR, can my husband apply for their PR once we are in Canada as I can’t do that what I have read.

Please let us know as this will decide what course of action we should take.

Thanks in advance
Neha Gupta