Impact of offer letter on total points before EE profile

Hi, My current company has accepted my request and finding suitable position in Canada branch with precondition that they are not going to sponsor my relocation. That’s said It is almost certain that I am going to get offer letter before creating EE profile.
My current status is my wife and me have submitted documents for WES evaluation. We yet to book slot for IELTS exam. I planned to add my wife as co applicant for better competent score.

With offer letter in hand , should I alone proceed further with IELTS and build EE profile ?
Should this has any impact on wife future career ?
With offer letter + IELTS score + WES report in hand, how long will it take to get ITA and final PR confirmation?
In short can any one explain here the benefits of getting offer letter before uploading EE profile.

You won’t be required to upload documents till after you get ITA. If you are 100% sure about the offer letter you can select “yes” for job offer and “yes/no” depending on LMIA requirements.

Once you submit your profile (either you individually or both together) and it’s in the pool, you will get ITA on the next draw if your score is above cutoff in that draw. Usually there’s a draw twice a month.

@avj , won’t we need to provide the LMIA approval number while submitting the EE profile if we select yes for job offer ?

Just asking, so that I Can confirm that having IELTS + ECA + Job offer will take me close or above to the cutoff.

If you have LMIA approval number (if EE profile asks for it when you say “Yes” for job offer), then that should be good enough.


I am new to this forum.i have couple of questions, i have a work permit(sent the passport to the Consulate-waiting) and recently i have submitted my profile in EE,do i have to still maintain my required financial amount in the bank as i read some where that if we have a job offer we need not to show the minimum required balance in our account.

Another question :while filling EE, i could not find option to add my kids as dependent.So when i submitted my Profile in EE ,In the summary under dependent " only my spouse is appearing".Is there any way i can add them now.although i have sent a email to CIC about the mistake.How can i do that now or is it going to be a problem if i correct it after getting the invitation.

Pl Help !