In case certain documents didn’t measure up to expectations

Just in case certain documents, such as letter of employment verification, didn’t measure up to their standards, would they follow up and ask for a better one or would they reject your application without further communication?

Good question… and adding more do they ask for proofs like bank statements if i don’t have pay slips… or what other proofs i can submit

Depends, can’t say for sure. In my experience they are a lot more lenient than USCIS for judging subjective documents such as letters of references, unless you simply forget to upload without reasonable explanation. My guess is they will ask for more information (similar to RFE) however I haven’t come across anyone who has received one so I’m not 100% sure how the process works.

In some cases if you forgot to upload a document, like I did for my ECA, they might cancel the application, like they did for me, and asked me to reapply right from the beginning.

Paystubs for employment are not mandatory but recommended. I did not provide any for my job in India. Submit whatever you have: reference letters, resignation acknowledgement letter, paystubs, job offer letter, email replies from HR in case they refuse to provide the letter.

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