Indian Police Certificate if not in India


I am a newbie to this forum and to the Express Entry Process.

I just received ITA in last draw, and I am in the process of filling the forms.
I am currently working in Australia. I have not been to India since 2016.

I had obtained the Indian PCC in January 2017 for Australia visa purposes, I have that certificate with me.

Since I have not gone to India since 2016, I am thinking I don’t need to get the Indian PCC again, and I can attach the 2017 January one.

This following page says that you can include an expired certificate if you have not been to the country since the certificate was issued:

Am I on the right track? Should I order a new Indian PCC?

Although the link says to include expired certificates, they haven’t specified which country it is supposed to be issued for. Your Indian PCC probably states the country it was issued for (Australia, not Canada). What if they decline your application and ask you to get a new one? If I were you I’d get one from Indian embassy (maybe avoid SF embassy as it’s taking a long time), and submit it anyhoo with the final application.

Yes, that’s correct. It does say Australia (with an underline).

I am thinking of submitting the application with the existing one, and simultaneously applying for a new one.

The reason I want to submit with an old one is because the PCC service in Australia (VFS Global) says it may take up to 8 weeks to get the document.

So I was thinking of adding an LOE. And if the officer asks for new PCC further down the line, I will have it ready by then.

Do you think this is ok?

Apply a new one and attach the receipt of new one with LoE.

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