IRCC Communication

Hello all! I have been asked to upload a document by IRCC in my visa application. The upload button however is not enabled. I have written to them, sharing a screenshot of the page asking them to enable the upload button. It has been three days but I have not heard from them nor has the option been enabled. Any idea approx in how many days IRCC replies … I do not want to miss my timeline … I do not see any way of contacting them via phone either … has anyone experienced anything on these lines and how long did it take for IRCC to respond … Thank you!

You can try using the webform :

Thank you!

So I have used this webform to write to them around a week back. And have not yet heard from them. My query is what is a rough time period I may expect for them to reply.

7 to 14 days, if you don’t hear from then after 2 weeks send another webform with the doc attached of course

Thank you!