Is GCMS useful?

A lot of USA based applications go to this office and its random. I was in IP1 until the date I got my PPR. For me IP2 and PPR were on the same day!

Recently one of my friends found out that his file is located at Montreal and he has also crossed 6th months. when he asked the reason he was told that it was due to workload redistribution.

@arun.dash90: How did you figure out that your application went to Montreal for processing ?

Through the GCMS notes I had ordered after three months post AOR.

I have been on this forum since Sept 2017, but in the last year or so I have observed application processing speed gradually slowing down. There are of course cases where someone’s application gets processed exceptionally quickly but that’s more exception than norm.

For e.g. my application was processed in 4.5 but many people have noted they are waiting for more than 6 months after AOR without updates. Note that application status in your CIC account may not always reflect the ground truth. E.g. some people don’t get any status updates for a long time and suddenly get approval and status updates all in one day.

Personally I haven’t even see what a GCMS notes looks like but apparently it gives status of the application, submitted documents, processing officer’s notes etc. If anyone here has ordered them and can share a redacted version for more clarity that might help understand if they are really useful.

Technically, unless 6 months have passed since AOR, your application is still under regular timeline. Maybe order the notes after the 6 month mark?

I understand that we have to land within 1 year of passing the medicals.So what happens if they delay processing the application and the medicals get expired? Has anybody faced that situation?

You gotta do medicals again

So, after more than 7 months since we got AOR, we got the GCMS notes now.
I don’t know what to make of this document. :slight_smile:

All I can decipher is that the application is at the Montreal office by looking at the “Primary Office” field. Apart from that there are 4 secondary offices listed and 12 group names. I have no idea what these even mean.

Most of the notes just look like the application that we submitted and not much else. :confused:

Does anyone have any idea if there are some specific things we should watch out for this in the notes?

@ravishchandra Is there any actionable information contained in the GCMS notes? Can you do something with that information at your end to help move the application further along?

I ordered GCMS notes a week ago as we are nearing the 180-day normal processing timeline. We haven’t received any update on our application since the medicals passed notification.

We just got our PPR request . It took us 6.5 months as well. Thanks for sharing the information. It was very helpful!

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You may take a proactive action if required based on the processing information available in GCMS notes.