Is it worth even trying for PR with 425 estiamted schore


I wanted to understand if it is even worth trying and putting effort if there is no or very slim chances in my case to get a PR. here is my profile

Age: 40
US experience: since last 10 years on H1B
CRS score estimate: with best IELTS score including my wife’s IELTS attempt : 425
I read about PNP but does not seem to be promising without a job offer.

Only thing I see is to get a job offer and come on work permit. Does Canadian companies hire people from US without a PR? please suggest any such companies

Please let me know if I missed anything which can boost my CRS score. The intention of this post is basically to understand if there is like ZERO chances to get PR, then I will stop putting time and effort and move back to India for good as I have old parents to take care of.


Santosh - What is your profile look like, are you in sales, tech, or management …?

The only feasible option is a work permit - That’s what I did and got the PR card within 6 months of arrival via PNP.



I am in Tech, working with a US bank right now in the US and more of a Microservices, cloud , API development as a senior dev/tech lead role. I have close to 15 years of exp in development.

Please suggest which canadian companies I can target for to give interviews from the US ?


I would recommend an aggressive approach and applying every day on LinkedIn (past 24 hours filter) and try to establish an HM connection via LinkedIn. Apart from that reach out to your professional network based in Canada. It’s a little time-consuming process but worth it. Also, keep up your interview knowledge up to the mark. Time processing under the global talent stream is just 2 to 3 weeks.

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Ok, Thank You very much for your suggestions! so it is possible for companies in Canada to hire me from US? I mean there is a possibility even though less to directly hire me and take me on a work permit visa? if yes, after how many days we can apply for a PR after coming to Canada on work permit. Also, is it that once I clear the iunterview, would I be eligible for PNP? I thought its a work permit and we can travel to Canada…