Is it worth importing a front wheel drive SUV?

Hey Everyone,
I have a 2014 Honda CRV EX (Front wheel drive). Is it a good idea to import it or it’s better to sell it and buy an AWD in Canada to drive in snow.


Depends if you plan to explore the great Canadian countryside. Drive to remote lakes, etc then maybe. If its mostly city driving then don’t keep your current car you don’t really need an AWD even in the winter.

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Usually FWD with Snow tires is sufficient.

Under snowy conditions, on a scale of 0-100
If AWD with Snow tires is 100
FWD with snow tires is 80
AWD with all season tires is 20
FWD with all season tires is 10
And any of them with summer tires in 0

Most people who spend a lot of time in snow keep an extra set of snow tires which should cost less than 1k. Even if you get an AWD car, you should get snow tires if you are going to be spending more than a week per year in snow.

Also look at whether Canada allows import of Honda CRV. E.g. US Spec Tesla Model X can’t be imported into Canada.


It will depend upon your driving habits to be honest.I lived in Wisconsin for a while and drove a RWD Dodge Challenger with all season tires and had no issues.And I had seen quite a lot of 4X4 trucks in the ditch during my stay there.

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car insurance in Toronto is very high, its over CAD200/month. If you are planning to live in core Toronto don’t bother importing your car, you can totally do without it.