Is opting for Consultancy a Good idea

Dear, People.

Until now, I have tried to secure a PR all by myself. I have created completed the IELTS, got the ECA, and created a profile.

I stand with 416 points, in the pool.

Do you suppose, it would help me if I approach a consultancy?

I reside in Bangalore; can you let me know a good consultancy that I can approach.

Thank You.

Frankly speaking you don’t need a consultant for Canada PR bcz u can handle everything all by urself and moreover there is loads of data available online.

What are your scores in the modules of IELTS? If u get 8 in listening and 7 in the remaining, then that will give u a very good score. A consultant also can do nothing if u don’t have a proper score in IELTS.

Dear, Sir/Madam.

That is what I thought; however, I am experiencing the contrary.

My IELTS scores are thus:
Overall : 8
Listening - 9
Reading - 7.5
Writing - 7.5
Speaking - 8

CRS Points - 416 ( I suppose, I need an extra of 40 points to even be considered ).

Hence, I am trying to check if a consultancy makes a difference; and yes, I accept that they would do the same.

Can you please let me know if there is a way out or if I can do something to increase my score.

See here for how the express entry (CRS) points are calculated:

You can use this as a guide to figure out where you can improve your CRS score.

As for IELTS, convert into the the CLB system -
If you get a CLB score of 9, that’s the best possible outcome as it will double the points that you get for work experience (see link on CRS scoring above).

You do not need a consultant for this. good luck.

Still a consultant can do nothing extra… Though they claim to be having some business secrets to get u PR inspite of ur low score. U can try PNPs… Or try getting a job there.

Consultants are purely just for documentation and we are better than them even in that aspect, unless urs is a peculiar or unique case and go to a really famous consultant. Even he will advise u on how to proceed with ur case but won’t help u in securing an ITA.

Are you single or married? If you are married, have you added your spouse’s education and IELTS scores too?

Thank You, Sir.

I am married; my plan is that I get a PR first, and then sponsor my wife and kid by myself after staying there for 3 ~ 6 months.

Anecdotally, it takes somewhere around a year to sponsor a spouse. If your wife has a degree and can get a good IELTS score it would help you get your CRS points up. If she has Canadian Work Experience, there are additional points for that too. With your current score, PNP might be the only option for now. If you add your spouse, you may be able to add a maximum of 40 points based on their education, work and IELTS.

It would be easier to add your spouse to the application now. Once you receive your PR, you can go ahead to Canada first and your wife & kid can join you after a few months.

Thank You, Sir.

Unfortunately, I cannot take the route you just mentioned. As you said, I believe, PNP is my only option. I am looking for Ontario nominations.

I think the recent Ontario PNP nominations have been in the 430s so your score might not qualify for Ontario. You might want to check the PNP nominations from other provinces too.

Thank You, Sir.

Yeah, I thought about it, but Ontario has the highest number of software jobs.

And, I read on the Canada immigration website that we need to stay in the province we accepted before we can move to another province.

Given my score, do you think I can increase in some way to get it to 430?

You can improve your IELTS score to improve your overall CRS score.

when the province gives you the nomination, you show/sign the intent to reside in the specific province. However, there are no such rule to restrict you to a specific provice.

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