Is this real or scam?


I’ve applied for permanent residence via EE and it is processing just fine - the status on my online account says it is in progress. Yesterday, I received an email from this address:

stating that “The processing of your application for permanent residence in Canada is almost complete. You must complete the following steps within 30 days in order to issue your Confirmation of Permanent Residence and, if applicable, permanent residence visa.”

I’m suspicious because previously, all communication with IRCC has been done via my online account and I’m not sure if this is real. I also don’t see any change in my online account - it still says it’s in progress.

The email goes on and asks to submit my passport and 2 pictures along with a form to:

Passports Submission
PO Box 9780
Ottawa ON
K1G 6T2

I’m already in Calgary via a work permit visa but I submitted by application in June, 2018. I just want to know if someone has received a similar email.




This is your PPR email it’s genuine. I think your application is almost done. You need to send the passport and photos as requested the address (cross check the address online and make sure it’s correct).