ITA and pregnancy

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I need your advice regarding accepting ITA and my wife’s pregnancy . I gave my IELTS on 02JUN18 and my results came out yesterday 15JUN18. I got decent score in IELTS L-8, R-7.5, W-7, S-7.5 (CLB=9) and all my ECAs (US Masters and Bachelors India) were completed before. I completed my express entry profile last night and my score is 454. I was reading all the posts regarding documents required post-ITA and seems that medicals for pregnant women cannot be completed (X-rays and some other tests) during pregnancy. My wife is 6 weeks pregnant. I haven’t received my ITA yet but I may receive it next month. My questions are

  1. How should I proceed with application with ITA application since medicals for my wife cannot be completed?
  2. Is there anyway I can convince CIC that medicals for my wife can be completed later.
  3. If the baby is born in US, how do I add him/her in application later (once my documents are processed).
  4. Is it advisable to decline ITA or withdraw my application, does it negatively impact future applications ?

Thank you


@vik any thoughts on this?

In same boat here…Can anyone help?


  1. I was in the same boat, we did the medicals and got to find out about Pregnancy after a
    week. we checked with Medical center and they mentioned every thing was normal.
    Please check with your doctor(OB/GYN) if you can get a X-ray during this time and check
    with medical center as well.
  2. No you cannot convince CIC, they will hold you application until your wife gets her
    medicals done. you can do this as your ITA will be valid until the application is processed
    and need not worry about getting an ITA later if min. CRS score spikes up.
  3. I am not sure how to proceed on this.
  4. No impact if you decline ITA, current trend for ITA is around 440 mark and if this holds
    until next year you can try at that time. your choice