Landing process - Things to do, Funds?

Hi folks,

I got my PR and will be landing in Canada next month. This is just a temporary visit to get the PR card and get landing done. I will be flying to YYZ and staying in Toronto for 10 days (I have family there). I have few questions regarding landing though

  • Do they verify any documents? What all docs should I carry?
  • Should I carry proof of funds? I read they will still ask me for the proof of funds?
  • Is there any other process I should be doing while I am in Canada?

Carry all docs you used for your application
Yes proof of funds are the most imporant; they may ask for it.
SIN, bank account, Niagara falls, job hunting, rental apartment hunting if you are looking to move soon.

It’s gonna get cold though so pack for that.


I am planning to do my landing in 2 weeks from US. Should I have the original copies of the Fixed Deposits/Bank accounts in India as well? I uploaded them in the application, but I only have scanned copies of them with me now.


I did my landing few weeks back. I don’t think I have had a better experience in any country’s immigration than Canada.

They have the COPR (Confirmation of PR) which implies all your document verification is done. They do not dig into the same docs , do the same redundant verification again. This is my experience and everyone I have ever spoken to (who did a landing) experience.

Thank you so much!