Landing via walking

Hello everyone,

I recently received my COPR and I have been tempted to attempt soft landing via land border crossing since flying in would require me to do a 2 week quarantine. However, I don’t own a car and am a nervous driver. I would probably fly in to Buffalo or Detroit and try to cross the border via walking. Has anyone tried landing via a border crossing without a car, even in the pre-COVID era?

Seems to be doable generally speaking:
Not sure if there are any COVID and/or soft-landing related complications.

Thank you! I know the border can be crossed by walking across it. I did it myself several years ago. One of the best views of Niagara Falls is from the middle of the rainbow bridge. I have seen people talking about being made to sit in their cars so I’m curious to know how that would translate if I was just crossing it by foot.

Can you please let me know what is your AOR?

My AOR is Jan 12th 2020.

Did you retake medicals anything or was it PNP? Mine is December 18th, 2019, all checks are completed but no copr yet. I also live in the US.

I am an FSW-O applicant. I was never told to retake my medicals which were automatically extended. A lot of people who are getting remedical requests seem to be people not living in the US. Best of luck with your application!