LNU for Primary Applicant

Hi. Anyone who has both Given and Surname on the passport mentioned under Given Name section? Wanted to check on the EE profile creation?

There is a point which states the name to be added as per the current passport. What should be mentioned in the Surname section as per that?

Add ur given name in the surname field


Thank you.

Hi. Please suggest.

  1. I recently got my name corrected in my bank account.

My name was mentioned in my account as Raja GK LNU. As my passport mentioned my last name in the given name. Now I have got it corrected to Raja GK. This will reflect as change in my 6 months account statement and I will add this explanation in my LOE.

  1. What can be done if a US visa shows name differently than the actual name.

My Visa shows my name as FNU Raja GK. How to go with that explanation in LOE. What to do?

Anyone with a similar case or knowledge on this, please help. Thanks.