Logistics around adding baby born post AOR and before PPR

Hello All

Our (me and my wife) AOR is 4-Jan-2020. We live in the US. We haven’t gotten PPR yet, but received re-medical request today. They have given us 30 days to get a re-medical exam.

I have a few questions regarding adding a newborn baby to the applications and logistics involved. We are expecting our child to arrive soon (less than a week). After baby is born, I am going to raise a webform informing IRCC about adding our child to the application. I have a couple of logistics questions here. If someone has experience with this, it would be really helpful to hear from you.

  1. Should we schedule a medical exam just for 2 of us (which will obviously be after baby is born), and then raise webform informing IRCC about birth of baby? I wonder if it is better to raise a webform and ask IRCC if they want to send a new re-medical request for all 3 of us together. I am guessing the former is better.

  2. As I understand, when we get a response to the webform (or sometime after that), the agent will ask us to submit the copy of birth certificate, passport, medicals and fees for our baby. My concern is how much time the agent will give to submit this info. I think it is 30 days? As per my research, getting birth certificate for newborn takes 4-6 weeks and after that, expedited passport takes 5-7 weeks. So it will take 3 months to collect all the document and send a copy to IRCC. Would the agent extend the deadline if we mention this problem?

  3. I know that there is a way to get US passport in 3-4 days if there is upcoming international travel or if one needs to apply for visa for international travel and hence needs passport ASAP. I wonder if we will be eligible for this 3-4 processing of US passport if we use Canada PR process as the reason for expediting? I guess not, but if someone has experience with this, I would love to hear about it.