Lost Goods-to-Follow document

Hello everyone!

I moved to Canada last year with most of my stuff still back in the US. I had a plan to move everything here once we had jobs and got settled. All that happened, but then Covid happened and borders got closed.

Now, I can move my stuff here when the border opens, but I think I have lost my goods-to-follow document. Has anyone been in a situation like this? Or, any suggestions?

I don’t think the border officials had a copy of it which they can refer to.

Any chance that you have a scanned version or a photo of it available online or on your phone? That could potentially help.

Otherwise I do think CBSA does keep a copy of that, I don’t know if they’re obligated to share that with you or what the process of obtaining that is unfortunately.

When I moved to Canada in an SUV, they didn’t even peak inside my car. I wonder how rigorously everything is checked, especially for old personal stuff.

I don’t think the problem is with used personal items. The only thing they checked for me was the VIN of the car and it being listed in the GTF.

What if the VIN is not listed in the GTF and only make and model and year is listed…
Would they still let me import the car without a problem?

I’d hope so.
When we landed, the CBSA agent insisted that we put the VIN on the GTF list.

As long as you’re able to prove ownership and that you owned the vehicle before landing, I think you should be fine.