Medical exam in Dallas

We will be in Dallas this week and we thought of finishing the medical exam in dallas.

I am using the below doctor.
City: Dallas
Name: Martin McElya
Address: Neighborhood Medical Center and Prime Diagnostic Imaging,
5917 Beltline Road,

Has anyone has experience with him before? I am looking for answers to below questions.

  1. What paper work is needed from my side? They just said me to bring my passport
    2.How long does it take for them to send the paperwork back?


Hi there!

We completed our medicals at this location 2 months ago. They asked for the passport alone. If you already have a EE# you can take that with you. You would need to document that as well. We did have our driver license as well for secondary proof.

They ask you to fill out the application form and give you a sample to refer if any questions. The entire process took around 2 hours (approx).

When we went for medical exam their radiation department had backlog so we did not get the results on the phone until 1 week. We finished on 21st and they submitted our profile to immigration on 30th.
However they mentioned they wont give us a copy of our report. They confirmed the details over the phone.