Mexico PCC for EE

Has anyone applied and got Mexican PCC here?

I just received an ITA:

  1. As I lived in Mexico so I see in the document list to get Mexican PCC
  2. But I have not received a mail from Canada Gov for the same
  3. So what to upload in that section? and if I should send my details to the canadian embassy in MX right away? as I have 60 days only
  4. If should send, then what to write in below, I just know my express entry profile num, so what to write for name of visa office? and if file num is same as express entry profile
    (from there site)
  1. Quote your file number , name of visa office, Canadian embassy or consulate or Case Processing Centre where your file is being processed, your full name and date of birth.

So should I wait to get a letter from IRCC but I already see an option so what should I upload there? any help is greatly appreciated!