Moving back to INDIA with application in progress

Hi Friends,

My OPT is ending next month, and I will be moving back to INDIA.

I have already submitted my application with all the documents POST ITA.

Waiting for 2 months now looks like the processing time has slowed down a little.

I will be continuing my employment with my current employer as I will working from INDIA office.

What things do I need to notify CIC once I move back?


You can raise a CSE and inform CIC of the change in address and perhaps even the reason for the move. You can also state that your employer is going to remain the same and that only the location is changing.


Hi ,

I have submitted application for Work Permit under ICT.

Its currently in process but i have return back to India as my Visa is getting is over.

Do i need to update my India address. Any one aware of the process.Please suggest.