Moving Minnesota to Ottawa

Hi all, I am looking for a recommended moving company. I am moving a three bedroom house to Ottawa from MN. Thanks!

If you have a relaxed timeline - Upack is effective, economical and good service


Upack looks like a perfect option, thank you! I am just wondering how that might work with the 14 day quarantine. Did you do the move recently?

I called them - they said the container will be held in the customer service for 14 days and then once the quarantine period is over you can go to custom and release the container. They will not charge you extra for this

Are you driving or flying from MN to Ottawa?

I will be driving. I was going to sell my car and rent a one way but I just learned that they are no longer doing one way due to COVID. I will have to now figure out how to import my car…

I used Upack too. exception customer service and super efficient I highly recommend it.

Also I just learned that as a PR you can bring 2 cars without paying any duties, only catch is you can’t sell that car in Canada.