Moving out of USA during the process of ITA or while in process of submitting PR documents

Hi All,

I am in last few months of H1B. Getting IELTS test date after couple of months.

Based case if i get the required IELTS score and selected for ITA but by that time my visa will expire and will be moving back to India.

So want to check if change of address after submitting Express entry profile will cause any issue for rest of the PR process ? after moving to India.

I have checked for Police verification it can be done online and medical test can be done from India as well.
Any other things which can cause issue. Please let me know.

Theres a web form you can fill out for address change. I changed mine after submitting final application but before getting CoPR. As long as you ensure you get all documents correctly mailed to/from India it shouldn’t be a problem since the whole process is online.