Moving to Edmonton

Dear Experts,

I got an offer from the company based in Edmonton and will be moving there as soon as my work visa is done with my wife and kid from the midwest. I have few questions, really appreciate it if someone could share their experience and knowledge:

  1. For moving Stuff - I am thinking of U-Pack? Anyone having experience with U-Pack moving stuff beyond Toronto? not sure how custom clearance will work. Any other recommendations?

  2. I would be selling the home and buying there new - which banks are recommended where I can put my money in and do a wire transfer?

  3. Anyone moved to places beyond Toronto (Calgary, Saskatoon, Regina ) via road? would love to get how was the experience and how the quarantine is done? I am thinking to book a hotel on the US border to do rest for a day and then stretch 10 hours drive from North Dakota - any recommended border?

  4. As part of the new regulation - we need to get the negative COVID test, where would be the best place to get the test done - at my current location or before border crossing in US? since they expect not more than 3 days old result. The total drive for me would be 30 hours to Edmonton.

Thank You!

For no. 4, Iā€™d recommend looking into getting tested at well-established hospital systems that have COVID testing turnaround times of 24-48 hours. We got tested at NYU Langone and got our results back in 6 hours. We had to do a quick virtual urgent care visit prior first to let the doc know that we were traveling internationally and would require results within 72 hours. We were then able to make an appointment pretty easily for the next day and the process was super quick and smooth!

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