Need Education Evaluation Agency Recommendations

Hello Everyone!

I am brand new here. I am glad I stumbled on this forum. The layout is great and people seem generally nice :slight_smile:

I’ve had a really bad time with WES. The gist of the issues was that they canceled my order stating that they reached out to my university to get the validity of my documents and that they were getting inconsistent answers and the university that was mentioned was incorrect(some university in Africa). Seems like they mixed up papers somewhere. The second time because the evaluation I requested was under a different name compared to what was on credentials. Again this was despite myself following all the right steps a person with a name change was asked to follow (having read their rules and calling their call center).

At this point, I want to go with someone else. What I am looking for here is an agency that’s relatively quick to respond and that has a front office that cannot patch their calls to an actual back office or department(which wasn’t the case with WES).

Any info on this would be great!

When I did mine in 2016, WES was bad for me so I elected BCIT and University of Toronto. Recently people reported WES being quicker than BCIT and Toronto so I’m not sure, but you can look at these two. Univ of Toronto has a helpline which you can call to get an estimate of processing times.

Thanks anshul! I will look it up and see how this goes.